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Our Properties

Alpha Chi Rho consists of three houses on 4 property lots located between Tibbits Ave. and Highland Ave. We are located approximately two blocks from the main campus, making it an easy walk to and from class. Every room has a Cable TV connection and also a high speed internet port for each brother. The House will supply each room with a desk, bed, and chair, although many brothers choose to provide their own for reasons of comfort. Brothers are also free to modify rooms to suit their needs, whether it be lofting beds, adding futons, or simply repainting. The property is owned by the Delta Phi Building Association and rented to the undergraduate chapter.

Front House

Our largest house is called Front House and houses 18 brothers in 10 rooms. It is newly refurbished and also contains the house kitchen, living room, and dining room. This house has two full bathrooms and an additional half bath. Front House is the center of life in the house, but there are still no problems completing work or getting sleep because bedrooms are located outside of public
areas on the second floor.

Snyder House

Snyder House is primarily a residential house, which houses 11 brothers in 7 rooms. Again, Snyder house has two full baths. Many of the rooms in Snyder House have been newly renovated by the brothers living there. Snyder House offers a quieter atmosphere because it is somewhat secluded from the main house. Many undergraduates choose to live here because of this reason.

Taylor House

Taylor House was purchased from a retired RPI professor, Barry Taylor. It houses 8 brothers in 5 rooms, and is primarily occupied by juniors and seniors in the house. Taylor House contains one full bath and an additional half bath. The basement of Taylor House has served a wide variety of uses as Brothers see fit, including as a gym, a band practice space, and sports storage for hockey equipment. The chapter library and a secondary living room are also located in Taylor House on the main floor. The library offers a wide collection of textbooks, class notes, and free printing for all brothers. Many brothers will choose to hold group meetings in the library as it provides a comfortable study space away from the crowded meeting spaces on campus.

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