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What is Postulancy?
New members do not pledge Alpha Chi Rho. Instead, they enter into postulancy,which is a period in which one is an uneducated equal. It takes time for new members to learn the history and ideals of the fraternity. This period will last approximately 8 weeks during which postulants are expected to learn what it means to be a brother. This includes participating in new member education classes, Rensselaer’s Greek Life 101 programming, community service, and other brotherhood events.

How much does postulancy cost?
There is no cost to postulancy- you are not buying friends. In fact, the brotherhood invests a significant amount of time and money into the development of its new members. Once the postulancy period is completed, however, there is a one time fee to the national fraternity to cover initiation costs and insurance.

What about alcohol and hazing?
We take alcohol very seriously. We are joined with 68 men’s and women’s fraternities and sororities to educate and enforce risk management policies. We expect our Chapters to hold any social function in accordance with all city, state, federal and university regulations. No alcohol may be purchased with Chapter funds. No Chapter or member may purchase, serve or sell alcohol to a person under the legal drinking age. Alpha Chi Rho does not tolerate violations to this policy and it promotes responsible social programming of its members.

Hazing is not tolerated by any Chapter or member of Alpha Chi Rho. Hazing is any physical or mental situation that creates embarrassment, harassment, or harm in any way to another Postulant or Brother. Hazing is a senseless act that can close a Chapter. We stress scholarship and problem-solving in our Postulant program. Building brotherhood is not about breaking a person down; we as a chapter feel that hazing is degrading to not only an individual but also the term Brotherhood. We do not feel hazing is a worthwhile practice.

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