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Reasons You Should Go Greek


As a member of Alpha Chi Rho, you will form friendships unlike those found in other organizations. Alpha Chi Rho is composed of members with a diverse set of interests from Capoeira to Jazz Ensemble to ROTC. Your brothers will grow to become your closest friends, those who will cheer you on when you’re successful and who will support you when the going gets tough. This unbreakable support system will allow for experiences in many activities that you wouldn’t attempt on your own.

Academics are the number one priority for all of us at RPI. Greek Life at RPI is very different than what you may have heard from the media, and is unlike any other school. Since we all attend RPI, we all have very rigorous workloads. Being a member of fraternity allows you to properly balance academics and your social life. It is a well known statistic that Greek Houses have a higher student retention rate than non-Greek at RPI. Furthermore, the big brother system will help freshmen adjust to the rigors of college life by sharing advice, experience, and academic help.

The combination of friendships and brotherhood, intermingling with solid goals of academic excellence help you to become a well-rounded, intelligent member of the university community, and of the work force after you graduate. Alpha Chi Rho brothers from the Delta Phi chapter have started well known companies after graduation- Marshall Brain’s HowStuffWorks.com- and even during school – HipCal – which was bought by internet company Plaxo in 2005.


In Alpha Chi Rho, you will learn important leadership skills which will be valuable throughout life. Starting with the Postulancy period, there are chances to lead your peers. Upperclassmen will provide valuable knowledge to underclassmen, in things from managing budgets, public speaking, running effective meetings, and motivational skills. Everyone is given a chance to grow their leadership skills through committees, elected positions, and event chairs. These days it takes more than just a degree to get a good job- it takes leadership experience.

85% of the Fortune 500 Executives,
80% of U.S. Presidents since 1900, and
100% of Apollo 11 Astronauts…..

Are all Greek!


Alpha Chi Rho participates in park cleanups, Habitat for Humanity, and sponsors Red Cross Blood Drives as some of the many community service events we participate in. Additionally, we actively support other organizations events such as food drives and Relay for Life every year.


Each fraternity participates in a number of competitive sports through intramurals and Greek tournaments. It may be difficult to get a group of people together at RPI to play sports, but in a fraternity, you always have people that will join you to throw the frisbee around, play soccer, or to get a softball game together on a Sunday afternoon. Fraternities offer all of this along with the pride of sportsmanship, team spirit, and competition. Alpha Chi Rho encourages all people of different abilities to play sports, and even sponsors two hockey teams to help people learn the sport in a comfortable environment.


One of the most valuable aspects of the fraternity is the professional networking. Alumni actively post jobs for the undergraduates throughout the year. Additionally, they can represent a connection at major companies including GE, Deloitte, BAE Systems, Toyota, Honda, and many other major companies.

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